Electronic Technician


Job Description

  1. Installation, repair, maintenance and functional test of marine radio communication equipment like GMDSS, SSB, VHF and UHF radios.
  2. Maintenance / trouble shooting and repair of induction heating system, FBE plant, concrete coating plant etc.
  3. Maintenance and repair of AC / DC drive systems, PLC and CNC based electronics equipment and system.
  4. Installation, repair and maintenance of various satellite communication equipment such as Mini-M, Sat-B, Sat-C, Fleet Broad Band Systems etc.
  5. Installation, repair, maintenance and functional test of marine V-Sat communication system which includes gyro stabilized antenna, advanced satellite modems, routers and data networking.
  6. Installation, repair and maintenance of most modern navigation equipment such as Gyro compass, Radar, ECDIS, GPS, LRIT, Doppler Speed Log System, VDR, UAIS, BNWAS etc.
  7. Installation, repair, maintenance of TVRO, all type of entertainment equipment, internal communication system like telephone system, SPT, talk back system, PA/GA system and all type office equipment.
  8. Installation, maintenance, troubleshooting & repair of PLC & PID based tensioner system and related equipment.
  9. Installation, maintenance and repair of Automatic Welding System equipment.
  10. Calibration and certification of sophisticated test and measuring instruments and equipment.

3 year Diploma in Electronics Engineering or 2 years of trade certificate with 8 – 10 years of experience in Electronics field. Good standard of written / spoken English. Ability to read and understand technical drawings and manuals in English.Good experience required in various marine communication / navigation / industrial and entertainment and general electronics equipment used onshore and offshore.Knowledge in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and drawings are preferred.

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