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Job Description

  • The Driller is responsible for operating the power swivel (if applicable), Kelly, rotary table, draw works, mud circulating systems, and B.O.P. equipment. This position is also responsible for supervising the drill crew and providing leadership in respect to company personnel.
  • Conduct specific workover and related operations as per the customer’s well program
  • Function and pressure test BOP’s as per program
  • Operate and / or direct operation of draw works and other equipment and tools on the drill floor
  • Confirm measurements of casing and total depth with Rig Superintendent
  • Coordinate running and testing of casing, wellhead equipment and BOP stack with Rig Superintendent and Customer Representative
  • Assist in taking special deviation surveys for directional driller
  • Assist in well testing as directed by the client Representative and Rig Manager
  • Direct BOP drills while using good drilling and well control practices
  • Kill well and maintain pump strokes during kill operation as directed by the client Representative and Rig Manager.
  • Secure well in emergency situation
  • Assist Rig crew to secure rig for rig move
  • Maintain communication with control room as necessary
  • Make up part of emergency crew performing duties as required by station bill or as otherwise directed
  • Manage periodic inspection and lubrication of top drive, draw works, rotary, swivels and other associated drilling equipment
  • Maintain and complete IADC drilling report
  • Maintain drilling logs and records
  • Maintain derrick or mast and associated equipment
  • Manage operation and service of standpipe manifold and drilling fluid system equipment
  • Manage maintenance of drilling fluids and coordinate with Mud Engineer
  • Plan work for drill crew and ensure appropriate tools are ready for use
  • Supervise compliance with safety policies and procedures and ensure good housekeeping practices, including directing safety meetings and completion of JRAs
  • Communicate effectively, actively listen
  • Provide assistance to other departments during non-drilling operations
  • Train and evaluate direct reports
  • Reinforce safety regulations to ensure safe work practices of the rig
  • Perform various well calculations
  • Interpret and respond to downhole condition
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Well Control Procedures
  • To work constructively with the Operator’s representative and with third party service companies so as to contribute to collaborative working relationships at the rig site
  • Personally responsible for own safety and conducting ones self to the standards of company Policies and Procedures
  • Promote and propagate safety programs at the well site
  • Conduct safety inspections of rig equipment and hold training drills as directed by Rig Manager
  • Contribute new employee safety induction
  • Must be familiar with the Permit to work system and its applications
  • Report any unforeseen or unusual events to the Rig Manager or Operator’s representative as appropriate
  • Must participate in the Safety Training Observation Program (STOP)
  • Have the authority to stop any unsafe act or conditions and call out TOFS
  • Must attend all safety meetings and conduct Toolbox talk before any job begins and make sure the crew understand
  • Must attend any HSE trainings conduct by his employer/client either at the rig site or HQ
  • Must report all incident, accident and near miss to his direct supervisor and assist in investigation
  • Must use personal protective equipment and other safety equipment as specified by the job.

Valid IWCF or IADC Certificate.Two years’ experience as an Assistant Driller.Relevant Certification.Comply with HSE policies and procedures.Complete all Company required training as per the Training Matrix.Complete Competence system Scheme within 12 months of being assignedMust be able to read, write and speak English fluentlyAdequate demonstration of competence to a supervisor through work experience and the ability to competently and safely perform the tasks requested of a Driller.Individual must have demonstrated safety and supervisory skills as well as mechanical aptitude and technical ability.Previous Experience as Driller on similar rigsMore than Two years of experience as Assistant Driller.High school diploma or higher.

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