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  • The Director IT Operations creates and implements IT policies and procedures that enable strong security and risk-management capabilities. In his leadership position, the Director IT Operations explores new technologies and software as appropriate and in conjunction with the higher management oversees the architecture and implementation of ongoing support of the network, server, and communications infrastructure in order to ensure high performance of the IT department.
  • The Director IT Operations is in charge of business continuity and disaster recovery within the department as well as the recommendation and implementation of new investments within the technology infrastructure. He assumes responsibility of oversight of the entire network and system infrastructure ensuring proper configuration, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of security firewalls, sites/software, servers, data and file encryption, and internet connections.
  • In this capacity, the Director IT Operations also plays a mentorship role to key Information Technology personnel, promoting their professional growth, and readying them for the occupation of his position in the future.
  • Strategy and IT Infrastructure: The Director IT Operations will also play a strategic role in the IT department where he coordinates the selection, implementation, and upgrade of the business’s software/applications and services. He implements and documents a business recovery strategy for the purpose of resuming operations of system architecture in the event of a disaster.
  • The Director IT Operations also establish security architecture and implements procedures and controls that ensure that information and data are secure and in compliance with the security and storage regulations of the business. He further leads the process and team members in the analysis, enhancement, and tailoring of current practices and existing systems in order to increase operating efficiencies as well as reduce and cut costs within the business.
  • The Director IT Operations works to ensure consistency and maintainability of existent infrastructure environments through the creation, maintenance, and enforcement of well documented standards and procedures for the implementation of technical solutions.
  • He/she establishes operational and capital budgets in order to address the needs of various areas of the IT department, for example, system infrastructure, security, networks, and databases. He also ensures adherence to overall financial objectives of the business and tracks the annual departmental expenditures and directs the department’s financial needs in conjunction with the financial department.
  • Collaboration and Support: The role of the Director IT Operations is a collaborative one and, as such, he builds a collaborative culture within the department and partners with various departments within the organization. The Director IT will collaborate with the financial department in deciding the IT department’s financial needs as well as the financial allocation amongst departmental teams.
  • The Director IT Operations also partners with the human resources department in determining the criteria for hiring and recruitment of the IT department in order to guarantee consistent and high departmental performance.
  • The Director IT Operations plays an analytical role where he constantly assesses the effectiveness of the existing sites, software/applications, data, and processes developed by the department. He analyzes complex business requirements and makes recommendations to the Chief Technology Officer for technical solutions, ensuring that these solutions are aligned with the overall business vision, mission, and direction.
  • The Director IT Operations plays a lead role in the maintenance of knowledge within the IT department, coordinating the implementation of best practices and the adoption of suitable trends. He also keeps track of licensing on all IT related items.

PREFERRED EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE:BS degree in Information Technology or related field and knowledge of engineering applications preferred.25 years of experience in a leadership role

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