DevSecOps Engineering Dir


Job description / Role

The Engineering Dir will be responsible for building software engineering disciplines and increasing the capability of the product delivery teams. Ultimately developing the organisation towards efficient processes that will deliver effective solutions for SME to Enterprise clients. Engineering management is also responsible for Engineers across the full range of delivery disciplines – from design to development to infrastructure and testing – focusing on managing high performance, personal development and collaboration.

Engineering at AppsIntegra works in cross-disciplinary teams, creating value and driving business goals. They will need clear responsibilities and objectives and the right people in the teams to define and deliver products.

The Engineering Dir will represent the engineering perspective towards other stakeholders in the company, manage their expectations and help driving strategic decisions according to the technical vision. Collaboration is a must, to work closely with the leadership team, and to build and enable strong autonomous teams.

A strong technical background is required, to participate in architectural discussions on a higher level and work on code where needed. The main focus however is on culture, individual and team growth, embracing the concept of servant leadership. Priorities will include hiring individuals with diverse skill-sets and form teams that are set up for success and solve the complex problems that both we and our customers are facing.

Short to medium term, the role will need to build the teams’ abilities to employee tools and technologies to improve collaboration, project management and generally DevSecOps practices. Therefore, ensuring projects are clear in their agile planning, regular demonstrations, continuous integration and deliverables.


• Help the business identify strategic development initiatives based on market opportunities.
• Support the business development function in preparing technical proposals/solutions.
• Facilitate the communication and understanding between business and development teams.
• Hire, coach and appraise exceptional people with different skill-sets.
• Create a positive work environment based on collaboration and trust.
• Coach and mentor teams on methods for knowledge sharing and doing their work.
• Lead discussions on how teams should organise themselves to be more productive – including interfaces with UX/UI.
• Lead projects to contribute to better Engineering Management practices.
• Build a standardised set of tooling for professional engineering discipline.
• Lead the development of DevSecOps engineering practices, to manage and deploy projects.
• Encourage the participation and development of open source solutions – giving back to the OSS community where possible.

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