Design Engineer/Architect

RAK Properties

Job description / Role

Job Objective:

The Design Engineer/Architect is responsible for the management of design aspects of all architectural and engineering design of the assigned projects.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Prepare design briefs for various projects as required in coordination with everyone involved in the project.
2. Prepare project program in alignment with company’s business plan.
3. Participate in the prequalification process for consultants by providing assessment of their capabilities.
4. Prepare RFP’s for various projects in coordination with concerned department within the company.
5. Prepare technical evaluation of consultant tenders.
6. To ensure that the design prepared by the consultants are as per the design briefs and within the cost and quality parameters.
7. Monitor Consultant progress and to guide them to achieve the desired result.
8. Undertake design review of submitted packages of various stages to make sure that the design and drawings are aligned and meeting the development objectives.
9. Evaluate consultant invoices and make recommendations to Management regarding the release of payments.
10. Participate in the prequalification of construction contracts.
11. Participate in the tender evaluation process by making technical evaluations.
12. After award, participate in the shop drawing review process and material approval process to make sure that the project maintains its objectives and quality.
13. Participate in the product inspection after completion of construction process.
14. Manages the coordination of design staff with responsibility for monitoring and maintaining consistency of technical designs for conflict and clash resolution and providing seamless integration of all trades and preconstruction processes.
15. Ensures that the design drawings and technical specifications are in compliance with the company’s requirements, reports on variances and recommends approaches to bring the design drawings and documents into compliance.
16. Participates and assists in contract negotiations with contractors and consultants as required.
17. Monitors and reports all design progress with respect to design pro-forma and guidelines, budget schedule and timeline to the department head.
18. Thorough knowledge and understanding of local design and building construction processes.
19. To do any additional tasks assigned by the department head or by the Management.

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