Deputy Manager, Staffing and Training

Department Definition

Staffing and Training is responsible to oversee the shift building and rostering process conducted by the Coordinators- Staffing and Training, for school group supervisors, tour guides, and volunteers based on daily school visit operational requirements. This individual is also responsible for supporting the Manager-Staffing and Training with ensuring the delivery of all trainings to volunteers, contractors, and FTEs.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The position will be responsible for supporting with the management of the manpower contracts, payments, and complaint mechanisms. In addition, they’ll be required to oversee the check-in and check-out of the staff onsite, ensure team leaders have the required daily information and equipment, monitor worker welfare/engagement and escalate to the Manager- Staffing and Training any issues.

The main responsibilities of the role include:
  • Responsible for supporting the development of the School Operations Training Program, support delivery of each training module including Train the Trainer, Role Specific Training, Operational Training and Site Tours during event time to school-facing volunteers, paid staff and contractors;
  • Support the scheduling, rostering, attendance, and attrition before and across the 6 months of operation and process SES and ensure timely and accurate payment to vendors;

– Compile, review, and edit the end-of-day staffing report received from all the coordinators, and submit the final version to the Manager- Staffing and Training, consolidate all reports and support with contract management of all training delivery and manpower providers;

  • Ensure that all company policies and procedures are adhered to, specifically to include all responsibilities and accountabilities associated with the Expo 2020 Health and Safety Policy and assurance standards;

– Provide effective line management to direct reports – Coordinators- Staffing and Training and ensure that all staff acquire the required skills and knowledge through appropriate learning and development programs;

  • Ensure planning and execution of attrition and retention within the team;
  • Be responsible in building a very multicultural and inclusive team;
  • Ensure that the concept of ‘An Expo for Everyone’ is applied in the area.


6+ years of work experience in a similar field, as well as:

  • A Bachelor’s degree within a relevant field;
  • Put the visitor experience at the heart of training and service design;
  • Experience in working in a multi-cultural organization, GCC region desirable;
  • Experience in leading a team, guest services, tour guide programs, hospitality, education or a similar field, working with children;
  • Experience in accounting for, monitoring, and reporting on budgets (including accruals, etc.);
  • Financial literacy and demonstrated ability of managing budgets and expenditure;
  • Collaborates well with other business functions and a good integrator;
  • Cultural sensitivity and people developer, knowledge of a previous major training program.
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