Data Center Electrical/Power Engineer

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Job description / Role

The primary responsibility of the position is to manage (operationally) the Apollo datacenters power infrastructure. Ability to collaborate with G42Cloud project team to establish new infrastructure equipment standards and operational methods for all G42 Cloud data centers and to ensure that existing standards are implemented.
• Hold primary responsibility for the maintenance of data center power equipment from the main switch through the rack level PDU including all intermediate UPS’s, PDU’s, and switch gear.
• Hold primary responsibility for determining the best location of all new compute and storage equipment within existing data centers. Using industry best practices, proper power analysis.
• Liaise with Operations Management team, facilities, IT teams, and procurement to insure that all projects progress smoothly, on schedule, and within budget. These projects include new installations, operational changes, scheduled maintenance, and equipment upgrades.
• Manage contracts related to G42Cloud data center infrastructure, liaise with legal on contracts, and work directly with contractors to ensure timely completion of all work.
• Stay abreast of industry trends and new technologies related to power, security, monitoring systems, and floor layout.
• Propose and prototype new standards based on new technology.
• Develop new best practices that will reduce unscheduled downtime, improve operations, reliability, safety, and energy efficiency.
• Ensure best practices and global standards are in place for the Apollo data center.
• Perform daily checks of HVAC, electrical distribution, BMS, and life safety systems.
• Collect and analyze data on various compute systems, maintain historical records, and provide management with statistical analysis as requested.
• Monitor and adjust electrical distribution and BMS to maintain optimal operating and environmental conditions.
• Maintain records on all work performed, contracts, and equipment.

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