Cybersecurity Awareness And Training Specialist

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Job Description

Develop, continuously refine and deliver CyberSecurity awareness and training programmes across the Emirates Group to support our people and organisation through the fast-changing macro-CyberSecurity threat landscape which impacts our business processes, systems, technology, ways of working, and culture. Partner with specialist Group departments, i.e., Learning and Talent, Corporate Communications, HR, IT, etc. to execute the necessary CyberSecurity awareness and change management activities to reduce risk to our Group CyberSecurity posture. Job Outline: – Develop tailored Cyber, Information Security and Privacy training content, working alongside the CyberSecurity Product Owners, Data Privacy Office, Business, and IT stakeholders, vendors, and partners and deliver this to participants through the most engaging and appropriate training delivery mechanism. – Facilitate the design and development of CyberSecurity awareness and training content including, but not limited to, the CyberSecurity awareness and training platform, knowledge bases, Vlogs, Blogs, or podcasting requirements that enhance the learning experience as well as coordinating Hackathons and Codefests. – Ensure the security awareness program communicates EK security policies and requirements to prevent cyberattacks and information breaches and to mitigate user risk. – Through automation and technology identify the top human risks to our organization and the behaviours we need to change to mitigate those risks. Develop and maintain a security awareness program that effectively changes these behaviours, so our employees act in a secure manner, reducing the most risk to our organization. – Support and execute CyberSecurity awareness change programme partnering with internal and external teams. Ensure continuous monitoring and measurement that support behavioural change and agility whilst fortifying our organisational CyberSecurity posture. – Develop and plan tailored CyberSecurity awareness and learning opportunities to support adoption across the organization. – Lead and support departments and Group Companies so that they are equipped to fulfil the role of Cyber awareness and behavioural change champions as they help their teams adopt more secure ways of working. – Plan, develop and coordinate CyberSecurity awareness engagement events to ensure all activities have the right level of change support and intent. – Build, tailor and collect relevant CyberSecurity learning content for knowledge sharing within IT and target audiences offering colleagues a learning platform on topics of CyberSecurity, Information and Privacy. – Partner with vendors, government, and industry specialists to ensure our CyberSecurity Awareness and Training program meets all industry regulations, standards, and compliance requirements.

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