Crane Operator

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Job Description

Job Rotation: 60/30 on-off duty

Location: Rig Site

Immediate Supervisor: Driller

Reviewing Supervisor: Rig Manager / Tool Pusher

Job Summary: The Crane Operator is responsible for the safe operation of the crane at rig site and campsite to load, offload and move company, Operators’ and third-parties’ equipment.

Job Responsibilities: Key Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

·                     Personally responsible for own safety and conducting oneself to the standards of company Policies and Procedures

·                     Ensure that others involved in lifting operations in the vicinity of the crane are wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are not in unsafe locations.

·                     Ensure clear and concise hand signals are provided before any crane movements are undertaken

·                     Ascertain the weights and dimensions of all lifts and ensure that the appropriate lifting gear is used

·                     Maintain all crane equipment.

·                     Follow all safety procedures during all crane operations.

·                     Inspect all cranes for defective parts and/or malfunctions.

·                     Help maintain the cranes on a daily basis.

·                     Carry out regular inspections of the cranes in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

·                     Available on 24 Hour call to respond to customer needs.

·                     Perform routine minor preventative maintenance on the crane in accordance with the Preventive Maintenance System (PMS) and, with the approval of the Rig Mechanic or Electrician, conduct minor repairs

·                     Carry out daily inspections of the crane, including instrumentation, load cells, tyres, hoisting lines etc. and bring to the attention of the Rig Manager, Rig Mechanic or Electrician any matters which may merit their attention

·                     Ensure that lifting gear used with the crane, including slings, shackles & spreaders, is certified, in serviceable condition and is suitable for the purpose intended

·                     Participate in safety training.

·                     Maintain personal training and certification (international and local) for operating the crane model in use at rig site

·                     Participate actively in Tool-box Talks, Rig Safety Meetings and Pre tour meeting

·                     Ensure understanding of, and compliance with permit to work system

·                     Participate in the Safety Training Observation Program (STOP)

·                     Report all accident, incidents and near miss to direct supervisor and assist in investigation.

·                     Have the authority to stop unsafe work using the Stop Work Authority.

·                     Abide by employers code of conduct (Respect, Fair, Responsible & Honesty).

·                     Participates in drills and exercises as a member of an emergency team.


    Preferred Qualifications:-      Prior crane experience.-      Oilfield or related industry experience      Job Specifications:Minimum Qualifications:·                     Relevant up to date Crane Operator’s Certification.·                     Comply with HSE policies and procedures.·                     Complete all required training as per the Training Matrix. ·                     Complete Competence system Scheme within 12 months of being assigned.·                     Valid driving license.·                     Valid crane operator certification.·                     The physical ability to immediately respond to emergencies.     

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