Consultant/Specialist Sports Medicine

We are looking for a good experience and caring, compassionately Sports Medicine Doctors.


  • Provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of sports or activity related injury.
  • Use manual techniques to prevent and treat muscular and skeletal conditions.
  • Provide athletes with education and counseling related to their injury.
  • Implement mental strategies that enable athletes to cope with and overcome setbacks or injuries.
  • Provide nutritional guidance to assist with the rehabilitation process.
  • Order and interpret results of diagnostic imaging procedures.
  • Record all medical care information and maintain medical records.
  • Evaluate athletes prior to sports participation to determine predisposition to injury.
  • Coordinate sports care activates with other medical experts.
  • Inform and counsel coaches and trainers on the medical condition of athletes.
  • Supervise the entire rehabilitation process.
  • Develop and implement procedures for dealing with emergency injury situations.
  • Conduct research into the prevention and treatment of injuries or medical conditions.
  • Develop and prescribe exercise programs to condition rehabilitated athletes.

  • MBBS / Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine.
  • CCT/CCST/ American Board Certificate.
  • 03 to 05 years of experience.
  • Current state medical license.

Additional Information:
  • Working Time is Full Time – 48 Hours for Week. 06 Day’s & 01 Day Holiday.
  • Salary is AED 25K TO AED 90K (GP, Specialist, Consultant).
  • Benefits is Good Monthly Salary + Incentives + Standard family benefits like accommodation, Air ticket, Medical insurance, Education allowance.

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