Computer Science Teacher

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Job description / Role

We are looking for a number of experienced and qualified Computer Science Teachers to join a leading Education provided in the UAE for an August start date.

Job Specification

* Comply with EHS Policies, Programs and Procedures as per the client requirements, general framework and take responsibility for any aspect of EHS that they are involved in
* Manage the online teaching and learning using apps like MS teams, Zoom, Google Docs. Etc.
* Using LMS platforms effectively to deliver knowledge and manage teaching and learning
* Exercise leadership by taking personal responsibility for monitoring and assessing the progress of all learners
* Maximise efficiency, maintain discipline and morale, promote teamwork, plan, communicate, focus on results, evaluate progress and make constant adjustments to their professional practice.
* Use a range of strategies to promote positive relationships, cooperation, and purposeful learning in the classroom
* Engage learners in individual cooperation learning activities that help them develop their knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes for learning
* Organise, allocate, and manage the most appropriate educational resources to facilitate active and equitable engagement of learners in productive tasks.


* Commitment to the highest standards of professional practice
* Demonstrated ability to enhance learning through effective integration
* Excellent communication and relationship management skills with learners, parents and the wider school community
* Excellent organisational and planning skills
* Time Management
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
* Teamwork and Teambuilding
* Demonstrated knowledge and ability in the use of differentiated teaching strategies to meet the needs of all learners
* Display a high level of cultural sensitivity in response to the needs of learners and peers
* Demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills from their discipline to real-world situation

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