CCTV Operator

Avrioc Technologies

Job description / Role

– Day to Day operation of the monitoring center.
– Monitor activities of all premises and procedures activities via the monitoring center CCTV System.
– Attend to complaints of theft, pilferage or reported losses and conduct preliminary investigations on an ad-hoc basis as and when required.
– Gather and compile CCTV reports and evidence.
– Monitor the camera images continuously so as to assist with the prevention and detection of crime regularities.
– Monitor the movements of vehicles, maintenance personnel, sub staff and visitors.
– Do not allow access to unauthorized personnel in the CCTV room.
– Do not allow unauthorized personnel to review the cameras. Perform monitoring tasks in line with standard operating procedures.
– Check equipment for operational readiness and conduct first line maintenance.
– Inspect equipment for failures and faults. Notify Team Leader about failures in order to minimize downtown.
– Maintain the control room as a tidy working environment.
– Regularly clean the CCTV equipment..
– Do not disclose information to non-authorized persons.
– Inform supervisor of changes in manning duties.

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