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Job Description

• Treat patients by reviewing and understanding their medical backgrounds and examining them to assess their current condition and health,

• Look at and employ ways of preventing,

• Diagnosing and treating a range of heart-related problems,

• Carry out tests such as echocardiograms and interpret test results to measure how effectively the heart is working, which will help you to decide on the best method of treatment,

• Perform specialist procedures, such as coronary angiography, to help treat cardiac diseases,

• Prescribe medication to patients to help treat a range of cardiac illnesses,

• Provide ongoing support and advice to patients under long-term care,

• Work effectively in a multidisciplinary team, collaborating and liaising closely with colleagues,

• Provide support and advice to colleagues working in other specialities,

Bachelor’s degree in biology, physical sciences, or a related field.Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.3 to 7 years’ internship and clinical residency training, specializing in cardiology.Outstanding hand-eye coordination.Wonderful bedside manner.Excellent communicator who can empathize with patients.Flexible working hours.

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