Business Development Manager in Middle East

SmartSolo lnc.

Job Description

 Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the brand promotion and marketing of the company’s seismic exploration equipment in the Middle East;

    2. Participate in industry exhibitions, seminars, academic conferences planned by the company, and be responsible for the product promotion and customer reception etc.;

    3. Responsible for customer visits and business negotiations to facilitate orders;

    4. Search and discover potential markets and sales opportunities, assist in the completion of customer development and sales tasks.

    5. Regularly summarize market development and industry, competing products news etc., and submit market and customer analysis reports and other market information summary reports.

Job Requirements:1.Degree requirements: Master’s degree or above. 2.Major: Geophysics, Geology and other related majors are preferred. 3.Experience: 5-10 years of sales or marketing related work experience in the geophysical industry. 4.Full-time based in Middle East. Proficient in English.5.Familiar with ME seismic exploration market. 6.Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. 7.Able to travel. 

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