Bus Attendant


Job Description

  • Reporting any unusual incidents, accidents, or injuries to the supervisor
  • Collecting fare payments from passengers and providing change as needed
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bus interiors between trips
  • Issuing transfers to passengers to indicate that their fare has been paid for a transfer trip
  • Reporting any problems with bus equipment to the transportation supervisor
  • Monitor passenger behavior on board the bus to ensure passenger safety and comfort
  • Providing information about schedules, stops, and destinations to passengers
  • Making announcements about upcoming stops or delays to passengers

Monitors the conduct of students on the school bus to maintain discipline and safety.Execute daily operations that are required.Directed loading of students on the bus to prevent congestion and unsafe conditions.Consistently monitor the route to ensure the driver is on schedule.Observed drive client interactions to ensure customer needs are being met.Assisted drivers who could not find locations, via the dispatch radio and GPS tracking.Assisted in peroration for audits and safety checks.

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