Associate Vice President, Program Manager- Group Program Management Office

Emirates NBD

Job Description
Department Description:
Group ITO and Operations exist to be the central nodal point covering all areas pertaining to Operations IT including the Digital Office and the Processing operations housed thru Tanfeeth The GCOOs office
controls and supervises these functions independently across the Groupincl all subsidiaries
The GCOOs office oversees 3000 FTEsincl contractor agents covering the above areas and is the
effectivebackbone of the Emirates NBD Group ensuring that it provides a seamless level of service and
output to the Groups customer base internal businesses and all related segments
Brief Description:
The GPMO has been setup to strengthen Enterprise Program ManagementPMO function capabilities and controls This function has been recommended to be setup post the Finacle Core Consolidation Project completion in 2020 Such a dedicated structure will enable the GPMO to interact and track enterprisewide
programs associated risks across business and technology units as well as bring an independent oversight and transparency to such Programs
It is imperative to have a robust information sharing framework within the organization the framework which is capable of recording the actions taken on the shared critical inputs This framework needs to be
developed for and by the GPMO function for highlighting the risks to the senior leadership and executives and the actions taken by the leadership
Detailed Description:
To sum up the GPMO exists to ensure that we ensure a 100 delivery of key critical group wide Projects so that no inordinate event or debacle occurs ever which impacts our stakeholders including Customers both internal and external As AVP and Program Manager of the GPMO the position amongst others are Responsible to ensure that Red FlagsWarning signs be analyzed appropriately before moving ahead
on crucial projects control and governance should be built around that
Responsible for ensuring that communication across stakeholders for the relevant Programs
covered are effective and smooth to ensure that expectations are clearly understood across the
Establish alignment and provide guidance to Project Management for conducting ProjectProgram
Board meetings as well as relevant Steering Committee meetings as and when required
ReviewConsult only Responsible for developing Testing strategy and timelines including but not
limited toentry andexit criteria
Responsible for setting the stage to implement key strategic initiatives aligned with meeting the
annual objectives and then ensuring that the implementation is tracked
Responsible to ensure that all highrisk items in theprogram should be flagged and documented for
future accountability To ensure that the Program Board and SteerCo are completely aware of
exceptions especially those related to highrisk items
Review and Highlight RisksIssues on finance Responsible to ensure that cost management wrt
each of the Projects is well under the original set terms unless ofcourse exceptions are approved
Responsible to ensure that the relevant Program team is adequately staffed with skilled qualified
Aligning Business strategies and priorities particularly for multiple competing needs or resource
Job Requirements:
Work along the lines of the
comprehensive Project Management
framework designed for the purpose
Strengthen conflict resolution skills
and ensure that these are
implemented at appropriate intervals
when required This is a keyask from
this role
All highrisk items in program to be
flagged and documented for future
Ensure that the Program provides a
broad overview of multiple projects
activities running concurrently
Ensure that all such moving parts have
an integration plan and have builtin
mechanisms to keep track of projects
or implementation activities and any
interdependencies or risks
Additional Details:
Good understanding of the overall Banking business
and its impact due on Products Cust Experience
Customer Service etc
Good understanding of banking products for ex
Loans and Asset Products and Wealth Management
related products specially wrt FX markets
Investment productsTreasury and Funds Internal
External policies for these products regulations
regarding Wealth Management competition offerings
and risk management
Good understanding of banking operations and
system dependencies wrt these operations
Excellent communicationwritten and verbal
negotiation skills good organisational leadership and
interpersonal skills are must
AS Mentioned in the JD

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