Assistant Security Manager


Position : Assistant Security Manager
Department : Rooms/Security
Reports to : Director of Security
To safeguard hotel and guests property, and ensure a safe environment for hotel’s employees and guests.

  • Adopt a Service-Oriented approach in carrying out of duties:
    • Responsible for performance of on-duty security personnel
    • Promote the gentleman rather than officer image for security services
    • Protect the safety of guests, staff, their properties and those belonging to the Hotel
    • Act as a host of the hotel by greeting guests and offering assistance (e.g. directions)
  • Training of new Loss Prevention Officers to impart job knowledge and skills
  • Inspect and brief his/her reports to ensure they are neat and tidy in appearance and up to date with day-to-day activities
  • Enforce discipline among reports and warn or counsel on incidents of indiscipline
  • Conduct regular checks on all field officers to assure they are alert and carrying out their duties efficiently and effectively
  • Conduct investigations and prepare accompanying investigation reports for cases which occur within the Hotel involving:
    • Criminal acts, losses or accidents caused to lives and properties
    • Staff misconduct
    • Cases affecting guests or staff that are of concern to Management
  • Surveillance of hotel staff:
    • Ensure that they abide by House Rules
    • Keep tag on movements of staff who are classified as suspects under investigations
  • Keep peace and order within the premises of the Hotel in dealing with criminals, trespassers or difficult characters
  • Keep the Director of Security constantly posted on all matters of security interest affecting the Hotel and the Department.
  • Conduct regular and periodical checks and take immediate follow-up action to rectify faults, damage etc. detailed in the following:
    • Perimeter defense: all fire exit doors, link doors, etc., leading INTO or OUT of the Hotel and which are fitted with locking devices or alarm systems to ensure they are in good working condition as an effective measure against trespassers and pilferage
    • Fire-fighting equipment, walkie talkies, CCTV equipment, office operating forms
  • Routine day-to-day checks of the following items to ensure that they are properly maintained, issued and accounted for:
    • Pocket books, Security Desk Occurrence Book, Gate Passes and Security Passes, Keys and Key Registers, post allocation for Raffles and External Security
  • Present all departmental activities in the Daily Security Report during Morning Briefings
  • Attend meetings and in-service training conducted by the Department
  • Check if Health and Safety standards are being upheld
  • Well set up security action plans for events when needed by guests and/or staff
  • Will adapt schedule or manning as situations arise


  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Understanding and ability to work in a multicultural environment
  • Able to exercise good judgment with difficult guests


  • Minimum 5 years experience in a similar capacity in a 5 star hotel

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