Assistant Security Manager


Job description / Role

Assistant Security Manager

To ensure a safe environment for the hotel staff and guests and protect the assets of the hotel.

Summary of Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Cluster Director of Security, responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following:

– To undertake full responsibility of the security personnel for managing and to enforce security policies and procedures in accordance with guidelines and ensure compliance to all local regulations.
– To provide supervisory guidance and support to all security personnel within the security department.
– To create a safe and secure environment for the guest and ambassadors.
– To assist department of the property in developing and training hotel associates in firefighting, fire evacuation as per NFPA and local civil defense.
– To investigate, review and follow up on all incidents, loss & accident reports.
– To effectively resolve guest related conflicts and accordingly communicate.
– To perform daily administration of hotel’s key control program.
– To be responsible for the life safety policies and procedures as dictated by local civil defense / NFPA.
– To be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Security Department and should effectively enforce hotel’s rule and regulations.
– To supervise the administration of lost and found with daily audits and exercise gate pass control procedure.
– To perform additional tasks and duties as assigned by the Security Manager and promptly respond to directions given by Executive Management.
– To protect hotel assets

Team Management and Administration

– To assist in carrying out monthly inventory of operating equipment.
– To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.
– Attend daily briefing and debriefing for all security team
– Communicate clearly within the security team
– Contribute to the hotel daily cleanliness control
– Be attentive to the hotel image and report to management
– To ensure good operation and safety in all hotel area
– To report all serious criminal offences, demonstrates delicate and tract full handling of criminal offences.
– To anticipate and be proactive in new crime modus.
– Respond to fire or safety alarm call. Emergency services are provided with assistance and support according to capabilities and the situation.
– Manage Intoxicated Persons and deal with special security requirements effectively:
– Determine the level of intoxication
– Apply appropriate procedure
– Removal of the person from premises as per situation.
– To remind all ambassador and specially Security to always close emergency doors to minimize the way to escape for bad purpose.
– Assist Security Manager to plan and conduct evacuation of premises such as
– Writing of policy and procedure for evacuation situation.
– Conduct Ambassador evacuation drills
– Communicate regularly with fire wardens.
– Conduct evacuation according to policy and procedure
– To follow and carefully handle any case of loss / theft / damaged and respond incorrect way
– To follow policy and procedure for hotel Ambassador bag checking.
– To protect public area and guest from any disturbance made by outsider.
– To handle the miss behavior of Ambassador such as eating, drinking or smoking in guest room and Public Area.
– Compile the logbook for special notes on anything that has to be carried out that can be followed up.
– Respect hotel rules and regulations
– To be Assistant in charge of the Fire Brigade Team

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