Assistant Manager

Department Definition

The Sustainability Department manages all aspects of sustainability for Expo 2020 including the delivery of sustainable infrastructure and buildings, the development of the sustainable event management strategy, GRI reporting, carbon management, sustainable development planning for event and legacy, stakeholder engagement, market engagement, and communications and awareness campaigns.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The role of the Assistant Sustainability Manager is to support sustainable operations at Expo 2020. The activities will range across a diverse portfolio of strategic and operational initiatives to deliver a sustainable mega-event. The Assistant Sustainability Manager will have had experience in supply chain management, sustainable procurement, assurance and/or auditing of management systems, IT solutions for sustainability monitoring, and the verification of sustainability metrics. Additionally, the Assistant Sustainability Manager will have had experience in working across a variety of teams and disciplines, and must be adept at managing multiple relationships. The role requires attention to detail and knowledge of cross cutting sustainability, environmental and social responsibility policies and procedures in different sectors and areas.

The main responsibilities of the role include:
  • Understand how sustainability fits into the broader context of a major global event;
  • Assist in managing the data collection from different stakeholders as per Expo 2020’s Sustainability Operations Guidelines;
  • Manage the collection and verification (i.e. ensure the accuracy of data) that has been submitted by the diverse functions/stakeholders;
  • Understand supply chain management as it relates to different functions of the Expo;
  • Ability to conduct sustainability assurance and internal audits;
  • Ability to develop and implement processes and policies to support ISO management system requirements.


4+ years of professional experience, as well as:

  • A bachelor’s degree within a relevant field;
  • Ability to manage a team;
  • Supply chain management;
  • Practical understanding of sustainability;
  • Knowledge in international sustainability standards and certification processes;
  • Ability to evaluate technical information and provide concise informed advice.
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