Assistant Electrical Engineer

cooec international co limited abu dhabi

Job Description

  • Plan a systematic design outline for effective working and performance of electrical systems and machines.
  • Developing clear and concise specification sheets for assisting the company’s purchase department.
  • Creating in-depth reports on potential projects related to the electrical engineering domain.
  • Audit inspection and maintenance tasks to suggest modifications as per requirement.
  • Communicate with electrical contractors to work on the existing technical projects and other in-house tasks.
  • Communicate with the top-level management about the potential need for new equipment by providing accurate assessments and reports.

Established track record of working in a core electrical engineering company or organization.Excellent grasp of interpersonal communication and time management skills.Familiar with the internationally and locally approved codes related to the choice of material, quality control, and other technical facets.Acquainted with popular electrical software like AutoCAD, MATLAB, and ProfiCAD.Adequate knowledge of global and local standards related to electrical engineering.Minimum graduate-level education in the field of Electrical Engineering with good academic grades.

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