Assist Mgr Gov Relations & School Visits

Department Definition

This role will manage the communications with the Ministry of Education and will be the main liaison with the Ministry for all aspects related to public school visitations including, school bookings on the booking system, ticketing, daily operations on site, and reporting of incidents.

Opportunity Responsibilities

A large number of school visitations are expected to be from public schools. This role will ensure a seamless journey for all public schools visiting Expo 2020, from the booking process to the day of their visit. This role will also ensure proper alignment between Expo School Programme, Ministry of Education, and the School Operations for every public school visitation scheduled. The role will also manage communications with Expo 2020’s Contact Center for any inquiries that are received from public schools that are related to their school’s visitation to Expo 2020 Dubai.

The main responsibilities of the role include:
  • Lead communications with the Ministry of Education on daily public school visitations;
  • Manage public school bookings along with the Ministry of Education on Expo School Programme’s booking system;
  • Ensure all public school bookings are completed in the booking system, updated and confirmed by the Ministry of Education;
  • Monitor closely public schools’ bookings, visitations, and daily operations to ensure smooth and seamless operations on ground and thorough reporting to the Ministry;
  • Follow up and ensure Expo School Programme receives all updates on daily basis from the Ministry on any changes to the public school visitations, schedule, arrival times, cancellations, etc;
  • Escalate any updates or possible incidents with any visiting public school that need to be reported to Expo School Programme as well as the Ministry of Education;
  • Liaise with Expo 2020’s Contact Center to handle all inquiries made by public schools that cannot be answered by the center.


4+ years of work experience, as well as:

  • A Bachelor’s degree within a relevant field;
  • Experience in government relations;
  • Excellent communication skills in both Arabic and English;
  • Excellent writing in Arabic;
  • Good Problem solving skills and innovative in creating solutions;
  • A team player who is agile, flexible and passionate about growing professionally.
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