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إسم الجهة:
شركة الغذاء الصحي المحدودة

مسمى الوظيفة الشاغرة:
Area Manager

مجال العمل:
أخرى [ عرض كل الوظائف في هذا التصنيف ]

مكان الوظيفة:
الرياض – منطقة الرياض

تاريخ الإضافة:

المهام والوصف الوظيفي:

  • A leading company in the food and beverage sector is looking for Area Manager and the responsibilities are as follows:
  • 1. To follow up on maintenance issues / Store issues / another issue to the right department

    2. Area Manager Checklist & Action Plan

    3. To make sure that the store fixture, stock, and marketing materials are properly organized

    4. Ensuring that the store has the right manpower according to the business needs

    5. To make sure that the store has the appropriate licenses required by the government

    6. Evaluating their knowledge or skills on the basic station skills accordingly

    7. Giving constant refreshment and developing their knowledge and skills

    8. Sending them on their training needs for knowledge and career growth

    9. Give assessment feedback to the staff so they are aware of their performance reviews

    10. Ensure that all the staff have valid government-required IDs (Igama and Baladiya)

    11. To make sure that the staff is wearing required company standard uniforms on daily basis

    12. Daily monitoring of their sales, wastage, usage, and variances

    13. Consolidates customer complaints and suggestions to meet their needs

    14. Schedule punctuality will be monitored through a daily attendance report

    15. Monthly Target versus Sales / COGS / WASTAGE & VARIANCES

    16. Email reply and follow-up (variance report / Department Issue /)

    17. Implementation of SOP / MEMORANDUMS / COMPANY POLICY

    18. Innovation / Creativity / Aggressive

    19. Weekly & Monthly Sales report presentation & Action Plan

    20. Knowledgeable in reading P & L and setting action plan

    21. Auditor Report findings and Action Plan

    22. Leadership and Motivation to the Staff / Behavior & Attitude

    23. Higher Management Feedback and recommendation

    24. Monitoring the stock items expirations and recommended for suggestive selling

    25. Develop the cashier’s performance on selling to achieve business goals

    26. Conducts store cash & product spot checks randomly

    27. Willing to assign outside Riyadh branch for business expansion

    28. Willing to work under pressure to meet the deadline

    الشروط والمهارات:
    • Experience in food and beverages sector

    اللغات المطلوبة للوظيفة:
    • الإنجليزية-ممتاز

    نوع الوظيفة:
    • دوام كامل

    نطاق الراتب:
    7,000 ريال سعودي

    المتطلبات الأساسية


    هذه الوظيفة متاحة لـ:
    متاحة للجميع

    الحد الأدنى لمستوى التعليم:
    الثانوية العامة أو ما يعادلها

    الحد الأدنى لمستوى الخبرة:
    مستوى متوسط (خبرة من 4 إلى 10 سنوات)

    نموذج التقديم

    يجب تسجيل الدخول للتقديم على هذه الوظيفة، إذا كان لديك حساب طالب عمل في وظيفة.كوم يرجى تعبئة بيانات الدخول مع رسالة طلب التقديم أدناه.

    وفي حال لم يسبق لك التسجيل في وظيفة.كوم
    إضغط هنا لتسجيل حساب جديد.

    إرسل هذه الوظيفة إلى صديق
    وضع الوظيفة في المفضلة

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