Arabic Sales Man موظ مبيعات عربي



We are speedy machine car rental located in al qouz 4, we are looking for an arabic speaker sales man. his Job is basically in office and coordinating with customers through WhatsApp and renting for them.
We are looking for someone who has experience in sales. we are looking for A Syrian, Labenese or Jordanian only .
مطوب موظ مبيعات عربي اجنسيه ي شركه تاجير سيارات ي اوز. اشغ يكون داخ امكتب و اتواص مع ازبائن عبر اوتسب او اي تطبي ثاني . ( ازبائن اشركه تورها ) .
اراتب من ٣٥- ٤
يرجى ارسا ا سيي عى اوتسب
kindly send your cv on this number

we will be conducting meetings starting from Monday 14th of November

To apply for this job please visit

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