Administrative Assistant – Contract Hire

Job Description


This Job will be partly HQ and Site-based / 1 Year renewable contract.

Job Purpose

To provide a complete administrative services to the Director/ Manager including office management, time management, corresponding, calendar management, logistics management, office supplies and clerical responsibilities.

Key Activities:

Administrative Support
  • Screen incoming mail and telephone calls, draft responses, redirect correspondence and callers to the appropriate personnel and obtain additional information where necessary.
  • Provide a time management/ diary service on behalf the Director/ Manager in order to ensure effective time usage and to avoid conflicting schedules.
  • Design, organize and implement appropriate filing and record management systems to ensure that records are always current and accessible with ease.
  • Assist the Director/ Manager in preparing presentations, graphs, and statistics in order to ensure they are fully prepared for their meetings.
  • Organize and oversee all aspects of meetings held by the Director/ Manager including venue arrangements, invitations, memos, reports and minutes of meetings.
  • Observe and apply strict levels of confidentiality and discretion in all matters related to the performance of role in order to ensure that the Director/ Manager (and as an extension Nawah’s) intellectual property is guarded at all times.
  • Coordinate travel arrangements with travel coordinators for the Director/ Manager.
  • Act as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on travel and expense policies and procedures including use of Human Resources Management System (HRMS) system.
  • Process invoices on behalf of the Director/ Manager in liaison with the procurement and finance team ensuring compliance with Nawah’s procurement and finance procedures.
  • Produce various forms of documentation such as reports, presentations, memos and e-mails as required by the Director/ Manager to ensure that well written, consistent, accurate and timely documentation originates from the Director/ Manager.
  • Arrange office supplies and stationary needed by the Division/ Department and ensure their availability at all times.
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Practice and encourage open and effective communication internally and externally in order to build and nurture effective working relationships.
Health, Safety and Security
  • Follow all relevant company’s Health and Safety policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure Health and Safety compliance in all aspects of work in accordance with sound management practices by applying these Health and Safety policies and procedures to self and others to take reasonable care for the Health and Safety of people, or the environment, who are at the employee’s place of work who may be affected by the employees acts or omissions at work.
  • Follow all relevant Security policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure security compliance in all aspects of work, by applying them on self, others and Corporate assets.
People Management
  • Contribute to the development of UAE National employees in a manner which supports the objectives of the corporation and its Emiratization strategy.
  • Contribute to knowledge dissemination/sharing in a way that assists with building internal capabilities of UAE Nationals where applicable and maximize their effective performance.
  • Ensure compliance with corporate requirements for adherence to policies, procedures and instructions related to Crisis Management and Business Continuity in order to continue mission-critical activities.

Excellence and Quality Management
  • Ensure commitment to a culture of continuous improvement by eliminating waste, following operations procedures, practicing innovation, problem solving, and teamwork; complying with Quality Management System policies and procedures; providing and receiving constructive feedback, and striving to meet quality standards and stakeholder expectations.


Diploma in administration or relevant discipline



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