If you’re on the hunt for employment opportunities with Carrefour Careers in Dubai or the broader Middle East region, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Wondering how to initiate your application process for Carrefour Careers? Look no further; we’ve got you covered. Carrefour is renowned as a leader in the retail industry, particularly in the Middle East, and notably in the UAE. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, Carrefour is actively recruiting at a brisk pace, offering you a chance to transform your college degree into a rewarding career.

About Carrefour

Carrefour, headquartered in Paris, France, stands as the world’s largest French conglomerate of hypermarket retail chains. Established in 1958 by Majid Al Futtaim, Carrefour has earned the distinction of being the second-largest retail chain globally in terms of sales, following in the footsteps of Walmart. Tracing its roots back to 1960, Carrefour embarked on its retail journey with a humble shop, ultimately evolving into a colossal retail group. Over the years, it has proliferated with the establishment of numerous superstores, supercenters, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and cash & carry wholesalers across the globe. In just fifty-five years, Carrefour ascended to its current status as the world’s second-largest retailer.

Salary & Benefits in Carrefour Careers

As I delve into the list of exceptional benefits provided by the world’s largest hypermarket and supermarket chain, Carrefour, it’s important to note that the salary and perks may vary depending on your position within the company, as outlined below:

  • Basic Salary
  • Transportation
  • Fully Furnished Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Family Medical Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Annual Leave or Vacations
  • Ticket Fare Once in 2 years
  1. How to Apply for Carrefour careers ?

    You can go through the latest job openings available in carrefour and apply with your updated cv/resume online.

  2. How to Find carrefour jobs ?

    Finding Jobs available in carrefour is very easy, they publish all their openings online and from their website you can see all the openings and apply for the job you are interested.


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Salary & Benefits
Salary review every 6 months based on the work performance
Company Culture
Company trip once a year and Team building once a month
Skill Development
Well trained and dedicated to being able to catch the pace smoothly.
Work Satisfaction
Our office is located with creative, open workspaces and a high-quality engaging environment.


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