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MEH GCC FZCO stands as a prominent global trading entity specializing in food industry ingredients and consumer goods. Our product portfolio spans a diverse range, including Fresh Dairy, Cheese, Milk Powder, Butter, Ice Cream, Ready Meals, and a variety of Drinks and Beverages, all traded across the Middle East region.

Our unwavering commitment is evident in the allocation of our financial and human resources, entirely devoted to the noble mission of delivering high-quality, nutritious, and cost-effective food to the people of the Middle East. We hold this mission as a sacred duty, driven by our dedication to serving our fellow citizens.

In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we are constantly on the lookout for fresh talent to join our ranks. We invite you to reach out and share your aspirations with us, as we remain open to welcoming new individuals who share our passion and commitment to this vital mission. Your contributions can help us further our goals and make a positive impact in the Middle East community.


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Salary & Benefits
Salary review every 6 months based on the work performance
Company Culture
Company trip once a year and Team building once a month
Skill Development
Well trained and dedicated to being able to catch the pace smoothly.
Work Satisfaction
Our office is located with creative, open workspaces and a high-quality engaging environment.


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